Roald Gorbushin - Wood Sculpture

Roald Gorbushin was born on May 2, 1933 in the village of Ukan, Republic of Udmurtiya of USSR in the family of village teacher Alexander Gorbushin. The name given in the honor of famous Norwegian explorer of polar regions Roald Amundsen defined his fate. In 1935 the family moved to the small town Glazov where the head of the family began to teach chemistry and natural science at specialized school. Alexander was one of the organizers of Glazov historical museum.

Roald liked to watch life of living beings since his childhood. He always took care of street dogs, wanted to be a famous naturalist. That’s why he wanted to imprint the moments of nature’s life. Brehm's Life of Animals (edition of 19th century) made the first indelible impression on Roald during his childhood.  He began to go hunting during his school years with the gun bought to his elder brother. This liking developed into profession. Roald joined the Moscow Fur Institute to become biologist and gamekeeping expert. During his institute years he was impressed by a lecture of a famous Russian scientist professor Manteuffel.

In 1956 after graduating the institute Roald went to Chukotka where he worked as a gamekeeping expert till 1960. He wrote several stories which were published in anthology  ”Ochotnichye prostory”. Later he worked as an gamekeeping expert, director of shooting preserve, gamekeeping economist and researcher in different parts of Russia. He retired in 1992. Roald is the author of several papers.

He started wooden carving since childhood and used different types of materials: limestone, marble, cornelian, amber, walrus’s tusk, maral and elk horns. The main material he used for carving was different type of wood especially birch’s burl. His idol was Stepan Erzia.

Roald died on January 16, 2011.

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